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No guts on 1995 Toyota 4Runner

Current vehicle (don’t laugh) 1995 Toyota 4Runner V6 automatic 4wd with 210k. Named Hi Ho Silver but Silver will not get out of his own way much less pull a trailer. ATC light comes on, on long pulls and he pukes transmission fluid. Has had trans cooler flushed and transmission drained and filled but afraid to flush transmission for fear of loosing transmission. Just had new catalytic convertor, muffler and tail pipe installed improved performance slightly. Did not improve ATC problem. Toyota can’t duplicate problem but won’t send tech with me on a drive along. Not that I truly expected that but I can duplicate .

Any Ideas guys? Please help lady in distress :slight_smile:

You posted this before. Did you not like our answers?

The other post was for replacement ideas, this is for repair ideas, it looks like…

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High guys no your information was very useful but I posted this here in error was trying to maybe get some ides from the repair side. I am still hoping to replace but if possible try to help Silver and keep as my daily driver. So I have reposted this thread in the repair side. I really appreciate all of your help and still would like ideas for replacement. Is this against the CarTalk rules??

How do I delete this post from the general discussion?

Sincere apologies.
I posted here before going back and checking your old thread. Unfortunately, that’s a byproduct of starting a new thread rather than continuing the discussion on the old one.

For the record, we’re all the same guys on both the General Discussion and the Repair forums.
Personally, I like the Tundra crew cab with the V8 and a tow package for your application. Towing in the mountains, you’ll need extra oomph beyond what’s in the specs. Less oxygen available limits the amount of fuel the engine can be fed, and that reduces power. Combined with the extra work of pulling up mountains, you’ll need more towing ability than someone towing in a lower altitude flat environment.

Point taken the tundra is very nice but I am not sure I can find one in my budget. One could always hope. I thought that the mechanics would hang around the repair thread and not be interested in recommending a truck for a silly girl :slight_smile:

LOL, many of us are just retired old guys that like to hang out here rather than at the local VFW.

If you can find a possibility or three (or four) in your local used truck market, we’d be happy to provide some opinions on it. Being a bunch of old farts, the opinions won’t always be the same, but they’ll generally provide valuable input. Just give us the year, make, model, and mileage.

Thanks I will keep that in mind. I unfortunately find my self looking at truck for style (girl thing) as opposed to function (guy thing) I saw a Raptor on the street the other day and really liked it but obviously out of price range and not sure the function is there. Then you guys swayed me from the Colorado and said Tacoma too small for the job. Guess I thought it would be bigger :slight_smile:

So I guess I better start looking at big boy trucks I didn’t think the camper would be that much harder to pull than a pop-up which of course it is not. I am 5’2" and want to be able to see over the steering wheel not to mention look in the engine compartment from above since I try to do my own fluid checks and changes.

Thanks again guys I will throw some ideas at you I have till October but I did kinda want to go camping this summer. Guess I better get busy.

BTW as I said before if you have any ideas on what to check on the 4Runner I would greatly appreciate since that is my daily driver not sure the new truck would be fuel economical. I can ask the shop for bigger tranny cooler if you think that would help climbing Floyd Hill and up to the tunnels without towing anything. That is when the ATC light comes on and my owners manual says to pull over and let it cool. That is when it also pukes tranny fluid from transmission vent. After about ten minutes I can go again. This can occur up to 3 times before I get to Eisenhower tunnel. No other indications on gauges, or mil but then top speed is probably 45??? on that pull.
It does have overdrive and some kinda of eco switch which I am not sure how to operate have not been versed on overdrive issues (when to use Etc.) and the manual is very vague. So maybe a lesson?

Mechanics are suckers for silly girls…Just post twice a day and the thread will go on forever…Or try this one…“My 16 year old daughter just got her license and I need to get her a car. What should I be looking for?” These threads can run for months…

For you, the key words are “V8” and “Tow package”. Next comes “How many miles on it”…

As a stop-gap, I’d ask your mechanic to put all the cooling on the tranny he can:

LOL caddyman you guys !!! and tnx for links insightful will check out.

If you are still interested in a new to you truck, look on line. Do a web search for “used truck Denver area” and you will get a lot of hits. You can find a lot of trucks for sale on car gurus, autotrader, oodle, and others. This will get you some trucks in your price range. Then you have to check them out. If you like them after you see and drive them, then get a prepurchase evaluation done by a trusted mechanic. It should cost about $100. If it checks out, you should make an offer. Drop the offer by whatever it costs to fix plus 10 % for your trouble. And last, be safe. Take a friend or family member when you go. Crooks use these sites to find prey. Craigslist has a good warning on their site. Read it and use it.


When buying a used vehicle from a private party, the first question is “Do YOU own this vehicle and do you have a clear title in hand ??”. The answer MUST be Yes and yes. Any other answer, walk away…

Well it will need to be a loan I do not have that kinda of cash lying around. So hopefully all that will be handled by the dealer. Unless you know a bank that will lend 10000 on a signature? Hope to look for truck this weekend. Seems to be narrowing down to Silverado then I need a explanation of Z71 package. I thought it just was another way of saying 4x4 but not???
So my requirements are 4dr or 3dr, 4wd, short bed, tow package, V8 with some ground clearance.
I don’t know a thing about diesels and not sure I want to learn. Year seems to be narrowing down to 2002-2006 for body styling. BUT what is difference from 4x4 to Z71 ???

Z71 is the offroad suspension package, heavy duty shocks springs. You can get it on 2wd or 4wd.

Does 4 door or 3 door mean you want a crew cab or extended cab pickup? You haven’t written that before. And I suppose you meant 2 door instead of 3. The regular cab 2 door will be less expensive than the crew cab. You can have the extra seats, but it will mean you have to buy a 1 or 2 year older truck. I would go with gas, too. If you buy a diesel, you will have to go back to the last century.