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1995 Toyota 4runner ATC mil on prolonged hills

I live in Colorado and I like to Hunt, fish and camp but:
Current vehicle (don’t laugh) 1995 Toyota 4Runner V6 automatic 4wd with 210k. Named Hi Ho Silver but Silver will not get out of his own way much less pull a trailer. ATC light comes on, on long pulls and he pukes transmission fluid. Has had trans cooler flushed and transmission drained and filled but afraid to flush transmission for fear of loosing transmission. Just had new catalytic convertor, muffler and tail pipe installed improved performance slightly. Did not improve ATC problem. Toyota can’t duplicate problem but won’t send tech with me on a drive along. Not that I truly expected that but I can duplicate .

Any Ideas guys? Please help lady in distress :slight_smile: I posted this in general category first Sorry.

Why don’t you find and read your original posts on this subject instead of starting a new thread?.

You could solve the ATC warning light by installing a secondary transmission cooler, but pulling your 16’ camping trailer up Mount Vernon Canyon with a 20 year old 4-runner is outside that vehicles performance envelope…

Ok thanks I am sorry about confusion on threads do not know how to delete this one. I am new at this cartalk forum