No crank signal detected in 1998 Dodge Caravan - why?

Pressure-washed 98 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8 L motor & transmission to locate transmission leaks. Car died next morning. Mechanic says no crank signal detected at car computer. Changing crank sensor did not fix. Has anyone seen this problem and know what may be wrong?

The pressure washing may have gotten water in the wrong place. Why was the crank position sensor changed? If the telephone wire to your house became bad, would you change your telephone to fix it?
What were the trouble codes? The trouble code doesn’t tell you to change the part, it indicates which circuits have a problem. The repairer would, then use a scan tool, or a digital multimeter, or an oscilloscope, or etc., to check those circuits (and, the sensor, etc.).
It may be difficult; but, it’s not that hard. If it is, you need another repairer.

Thank you for your reply. You raise good points. No codes showed at failure. The mechanic said that there was no signal from the crank position sensor, so he worked 6 hours, installed 2 crank position sensors, and did not get the car running. After reading up on the problem, I can think of other things to check, but no mention was made of checking them, so finding another mechanic seems wise.