No crank/no start

My 1997 Nissan Sentra gxe won’t crank over won’t start I bypassed everything the stater the nss all the lights work I by passed the ignition switch nothing has power through out dont even make a sound just one click don’t start on any gear nothing

This is a no crank rather than a cranks but won’t start, right? This is probably the most common problem we get here, not just on that car but most all cars. I’d suggest to check the battery connections first, then load (or conductance) test the battery. If all that’s ok measure the voltage at the two starter terminals, terminal to case, when the key is in “start” and report back what you measure. there’s a pretty good chance if you don’t want to mess around w/testing, just replace the starter and battery, good chance it will be fixed.

Thanks no it does nothing no crank the battery shows 12.6 the starter I just purchased on Friday nothing all wires show good current or power it clicks ones that’s it

If the battery and connections are good and you are hearing one click from the starter, that sounds like a starter whose solenoid is not making the connection. If the headlights are on and don’t dim when you hear the click, that’s a clue. If they dim and still no starter action, the starter is bad or the engine is seized and can’t turn. You could try turning the engine over via its harmonic balancer (big pulley at end of crankshaft) to see if it can turn. Make sure of the proper direction before trying that.

In one of Ray’s recent columns I think he said that the modern car’s electrical system is designed to turn off the headlight and other high current circuits during cranking.

Could be but I wonder if a 1997 Sentra would have that circuitry. Headlights and brake lights have been independent of the ignition switch since the early days. My newest car is a 2007 so I am not the most up-to-date contributor here.

get a remote starter switch- that connects to the positive side of the battery, and also the starter solenoid.

turn the key on, and hit the button on the remote starter. If the starter turns and the car starts, then your starter is good. If 1 click, then nothing (and your battery tests ok,) then check the connections at your starter. if connections are good- then replace starter.

Once you’ve removed the starter, and connected it to ground, you could repeat that test. But I would still want to know the engine is not seized before going that far.

Subaru wires their headlights through the ignition switch. I like that feature because I can turn my headlights on in inclement weather, park the car, and when I restart it, I don’t have to remember to turn the lights on again.

I hear the starter spin fine I can turn the engine manually but nothing

Watch the belts and pulleys while someone cranks the engine from the ignition switch to see if the crankshaft is turning.

I’ll give that a try thanks

I installed a defective starter last summer in my Corolla, that’s what it did, spin like crazy it would, but it wasn’t spinning the engine, just spinning by itself.

Ok I’ll take it off and check it out thanks

No the pulley don’t move when I crank the engine

I mean when I turn the ignition

automatic transmission

Since the battery is apparently fine and the starter spins without actually cranking over the engine, it’s possible the flexplate is cracked

Remove the starter and very carefully inspect the flexplate. You’ll have to get an extremely bright light and possibly a small hand-held mirror in there for a proper inspection. In all likelihood, you’ll have to manually turn over the engine at the front crankshaft pulley in order to see all of the flexplate

Thank you I’ll check it this thing is a pain I appreciate it thanks

If you are removing the starter to check the flex plate anyway, ask your local parts store if they have a starter test fixture. Many of these places do. If so, have them put your starter on their fixture & test it. They may find the starter whirrs but the gear that is supposed to engage w/the flex-plate ring gear isn’t turning. Removing a starter can be a pretty big job for a driveway diyer. If it’s too much, just ask your shop to remove it for you. It’s a lot easier w/the car on a lift, plus the shop techs will have done it many times. btw, have your verified the engine isn’t seized?

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Thanks I’ll check it out I hear a scratching like noise when I turn the ignition but that’s it