NO airbag light but I have airbag error codes

I have a 2011 Elantra, 195k miles. Recently I noticed that the horn stopped working and some of the steering wheel control buttons (cruise control, etc) didn’t work. From some quick troubleshooting it sounds like my clockspring is likely faulty.

I started to worry that my airbag would then not work, so I turned the ignition to ON to see if the airbag light would stay on and to my surprise it didn’t come on AT ALL. Not even for 1 sec during when it should illuminate for 6 seconds.

I then looked further and the passenger airbag light also doesn’t work. It usually would say “OFF” if the passenger airbag was off, but nothing…

I scanned for codes and found that I have active airbag codes for B1490 and B1346. However I have NO airbag light illuminated.

Does anyone know why this would be? As far as I know the bulb is an LED so likely not burned out. All other instrument panel lights work fine (check engine light, etc.)

I’m starting to think the previous owner tampered with the light to pass inspection before selling it… thanks.

There’s your first mistake.


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I don’t follow?

What makes you think an LED lamp can’t burn out?


I think you are correct…on both the airbag light and the clockspring.

@Tester: gotcha, I was just thinking it was strange how both the instrument panel airbag light AND the passenger airbag warning light both won’t illuminate. The chances of those both going out with all of the fail-proof redundancies that typically go into airbag warning indicators seems too low. All other lights illuminate. I just feel this car had a failing clockspring and the past owner somehow disabled the lights to sell it.

Unless there is another way both of these lights could simultaneously fault, I’m all ears! Thanks for the help all.

I suspect tampering, LED warning lights rarely fail.

B1490 is for a Occupant Classification malfunction, that could be an expensive repair.