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No acceleration

i have a 1997 4-door Geo Metro that will no accelerate. The engine turns over when starting the car but when you push on the gas pedal it will not accelerate. Any help would be great.

The first thing to come to my mind based on the info you have given is a plugged or melted down catalytic converter, or some other restriction in the exhaust.

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You might want to describe what you mean by accelerate. Do you mean it takes a long time to get up to cursing speed or do you mean the car does not move at all?

" Do you mean it takes a long time to get up to cursing speed or do you mean the car does not move at all?"

Something tells me that the OP has already reached cursing speed with this problem.

Anyway…The first thing that I would check for is a disconnected accelerator cable/linkage.

I agree that we could use a little more info to help you narrow this down. For example, once it starts and without going anywhere but with the transmission in either park or neutral, will the engine stay running or does it stall? Has anyone done any work under the hood lately? And I know this one sounds dumb but does it have gas? Is it backfiring at all or just kind of silently suffering. Is it making any strange sounds before it stalls out like knocking sounds?

The problem could be anything from a clogged fuel filter to a defective fuel pump, or something electrical in the ignition system or even something really basic like a vaccuum line/hose off or the disconnected gas pedal/throttle linkage. A clogged air intake filter might do it or one of the favorite gags from my old Chicago neighborhood, a potato in the exhaust. A lot of this stuff is pretty easy to check but a more detailed list of symptoms would probably be useful, especially whether it’ll continue to run while parked. ;>)