Cutting out on acelleration



I have a 1996 Geo Metro. I have to admit I haven’t given it the maintenace I should have and it has caught up with me/it.

Anyway, about a year ago the car started stalling out and sputtering and chugging. I thought it was bad or moisture in the gas so I added Heet. it seemed to help but the problem only got worse over time.

I gave the car to my mechanic and asked him to replace the 14 year old fuel filter, fuel pump and strainer. The engine now is getting much more fuel and has a lot more zip but I am still cutting out when I acellerate. It’s ok when the car is cold but once it warms up I can’t press down on the acellerator without it just stopping. I did some reading online and found that the throtle position sensor may be the problem since it only happens when the car is warm. So, what do you think? should we go for that repair next?


I think before you do anything else you should give it new spark plugs and wires and a new air filter.

Air + fuel + spark (+compression - worry about that later) makes the thing go. It sounds like you only did fuel.


The throttle position sensor (tps) tells the engine computer that the gas pedal has been moved. If the engine computer doesn’t get the memo, it can’t respond and increase fuel injection.
The funny thing about a problem with the tps is: the tps performance can be easily checked with a multimeter and a working mechanic!