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No acceleration when starting car (manual)

Okay guys this is a weird one,

I am learning how to drive. We have a manual car and when I start the car ( to go at a light or stop) it will go super slow and not accelerate although I’ll press on the gas… My husband just tells me “go accelerate” and my foot is all the way into the accelerator but the car just won’t go… After a bit it “goes back to normal” and goes… He says it never happened him in his 6 years of driving and it happens to me at least twice a day.

So to make it clear… Car is stopped at a light in neutral. Light goes green, I put it in 1, foot off of the clutch a bit, off the break, onto the accelerator, off the clutch progressively and the car isn’t moving fast… It will go like 10km
For 10-15 seconds

It’s frustrating for me and for every driver behind me! I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, nor does my husband, I don’t do anything differently when the car just “goes” I’ll start it the same way, we are pretty much finding it really weird…

Any insight??

What happens when your husband drives?

When you want to accelerate from a stand still and fully release the clutch(foot off the clutch pedal) does the engine rev but the car doesn’t accelerate to match the engine’s speed?

I must wonder if you truly have it in first gear ? What you describe sounds like lugging…pulling the engine rpms down to near nothing yet attempting to accelerate.

I’m with Rod in wondering how it drives for him.

Year, make and model of the car? 4 or 5 speed transmission?

It sounds like you are not in 1st gear (third maybe?) or you are releasing the clutch too slowly, letting it slip too much…Your instructor should spot and have you correct these mistakes immediately…