Nitrogen vs. Air


Is a $40 nitrogen fill for tires worth the bucks? Doe’s it make any difference living in a cold climate area like northern Minnesota?


Air is 78% nitrogen and it is FREE. Frankly it is totally un-necessary and a waste of time and money. Under some very special conditions (like top level international racing) it is used and may be of some minimal amounts of good. For you or me, no need to bother. If it is free and as convenient as natural air, then go ahead.

Oh yea, if you are worried about the environment remember that separating it uses energy and that will cause pollution.


Never pay extra for this service.


The only benefit nitrogen gives is even and predictable thermal expansion during use. However, knowing this is only useful to racing teams. For the average driver it makes absolutely no difference. And it’s not worth $40. I don’t know if a racing team would even pay that.


You ask if it is worth $40? Considering that you will receive no benefits, I think you can come up with your own correct answer.


None. It’s just a money maker for the seller. We’ve had lengthy threads on this subject.

Race teams use nitrogen for reasons not pertainent (sp?) to family car tires. First, it won’t feed a fire in the pits like air (with 22% oxygen) would. Second, race tires are thin and soft and get very hot. They’re not designed to last 60,000 miles. Thin tires out of soft compounds are more permeable than passenger car tires, and they’re much more susceptable to handling changes with pressure changes.

You’ll never notice the difference. And, if your car is a 2006 or newer you have a low pressure warning system to tell you if a tire gets low.