Tire maintenance

Does using nitrogen to inflate tires REALLY do anything beneficial? Seems very unlikely to me that air would oxidized your tires to any noticeable degree.

It’s only beneficial to the wallets of the people who sell it.

  1. the air you breath is already 77% nitrogen
  2. the oxygen contained in the tire when they put the 100% nitrogen in cannot be purged, therefore you end up with oxtgen (and argon etc.) in the tire anyway.
  3. nitrogen has absolutely zero benefit for street cars. Race cars use it because oxygen would feed a fire in the pits, and because it’s a tiny bit more temperature stable, which makes a difference when getting teh tires super hot and going around corners at 200mph+.

You get those nice green valvecaps, but all they do is mark you as gullible.

Yes it helps. The question is how much. The answer is too little to measure.

It is a bunch of hype and not worth an extra penny if there is a charge for nitrogen. There are some very minor and debateable benefits. If the tire dealer provides the nitrogen free as part of the their services it is OK, it does no harm.