Nitrogen in tires?

I’ve rear the hoopla about using nitrogen in tires. Is it worth the effort and $10 a tire?

No. Zero Benefit.

It’s free at Costco.

There are no benefits, none at all. So you decide – is it worth $10/tire for you?

$10.00 per  tire !!!!!    

Crazy.  Air is mostly nitrogen. :-)  

There is some advantages to using 100% nitrogen.  I would estimate the value of that to me at about 3? per tyre and that is likely high.  

It is a sales or profit scheme by some dealers.

I prefer a custom blend of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% miscellaneous gases. Hard to fund, but well worth it.

For your daily driver, no. Pure nitrogen has a predictable pressure rise per a given temperature rise which is critical for a racing car. Plain air has varying amounts of humidity which varies the pressure rise with temperature rise which is not critical for your daily driver.