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Nitrogen-filled tires

Are nitrogen-filled tires better? Good, bad, indifferent? What are the advantages/disadvanatges, esp on an awd vehicle?

Discussed many times before. Why put pure nitrogen into a tire for a cost when the air we normally use contains mostly (78%) nitrogen for free ? Whatever advantage the average driver can cook up for it’s use, is offset by having spend money for it. …awd vs fwd vs rwd is not part of the decision.

That’s what I was wondering … one car I am looking at has nit-filled tires. Wasn’t sure whether that should be a big deal. Sorry to ask again - I should have checked the archives.

Its not bad. It is good in the sense that the nitrogen is dry, unlike the air from some compressors. But, the tire will not be 100% nitrogen filled. The only way to do that would be to fill the tire in a vacuum, and I have yet to see a vacuum chamber at any tire shop I’ve been in.

When you pressurize the tire, you are basically going from 1 ATM to about 3 ATM, so you will have one ATM of air, which is 78% nitrogen anyway plus 2 ATM of nitrogen inside the tire. The nitrogen is beneficial, but just like air, it will migrate out the tire so it is not a once and done as implied by some tire salesmen.

In my opinion, the benefits do not justify the outlandish costs that some tire shops charge. I buy my tires at Costco so the nitrogen is free, but if it wasn’t, I would not pay for it, certainly not the $100 some places charge for 4 tires.

Thanks …

I just checked the archives, which I should have done before I asked. Basically, the dealer is using the tires as a selling point, and I didn’t see that irt was a huge advantage, but then I didn’t understand so thanks for explaining, keith. Maybe I should get a Costco membership!

Or, maybe you could just shop for the best deal on a car or tires and not let nitrogen be a part of the conversation. It is a distraction ment to make money off the average consumer.

I got some new tires, at the best deal I found, saw those silly green caps and thought everyone would say ha ha dummy paid for nitrogen. It was free with the tires, and anytime the pressure is low they will top it off for free. I was advised not to use regular air, it is better to keep it nitrogen. If you are a race car driver yes, if it is free, sure but I would not personally go out of my way to have it done.

@megnh1, don’t worry about asking your question. While others asked it before, this is your first time. I agree with the others. I bought an electric pump to keep my tires filled. It’s a Black and Decker, although there are other brands that will do the job.

I’m going to do what Barkey suggests and get green caps and put them on when we are parked in my daughter’s driveway in her yuppie Manchester neighborhood for the holidays.; right on the 9 year old rusted winter tire rims.

“…green caps …on the 9 year old rusted winter tire rims.”

Christmas colors! How festive!