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Any suggestions?

took my '93 nissan altima to 2 different mechanics because it stutters, sputters, and then shuts off every time you come to a stop. it starts right back up, but you have to gun it to keep it running. the first mechanic said to replace all 4 fuel injectors. the second mechanic said only the bad injector needed to be replaced, so it was. needless to say, the car still has the problem. running out of cash, and want to go back with a better idea of what to suggest to fix the problem. can anybody help me out?

It stalls at a stop but starts right up after.

I’d say you have a faulty IAC (Idle Air Control) valve. (but, I could be wrong too)

It’s located right beside the throttle bdy and has a wire running to it.
First ensure the wire isn’t loose or broken before replacing the valve.

These valves can also be cleaned as can the throttle body.

idle air control or throttle position sencer