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Push button wont start car and is stranded at a rest area. How to reset, tricks, etc to get it to crank

We need more details, including:

Model year
Engine type
Age of battery
Odometer mileage
Previous symptoms, if any
Maintenance history over the past 3 years
And–most important of all–what exactly happens, and what do you hear, when you push the start button?

Cant answer all the above, I was passing through the rest area and this was a new 2011 Nissan rental by Enterprise and was a 4 cly, battery new, assume no prior manifestation, and I did not hear any noise when the renter pushed the button for 3 seconds, then released it and tried again for 60 seconds and nothing happened but all the interior lights flashed on indicating they were operational but no turning the starter over. I wanted to know what to tell anyone in the future, My first thought was to disconnect the battery and reconnect or jump it with cables but did not pursue.

Make sure your foot is on the brake.

My first thought would have been to call Enterprise.

Cheapest, Easiest Things First:
Where’s The Owner’s Manual ? Sometimes Problems Of This Nature Are Covered By Rereading The OM. They Often Address Situations That Aren’t Even Covered In A Factory Service Manual.


Call A Nissan Dealer For Ideas. Start With The Sales Department First (They Have Customers Actually Starting These Things) Before Asking For Service.


I Wouldn’t Disconnect The Battery, If I Were You. This Can Make Matters Worse.


Several things:

First, you don’t push and hold the button, you just press and release it.
Second, make sure the transmission is in Park.
Third, foot needs to be on the brake.
Fourth, key fob needs to be IN THE CAR. If its in the pocket book outside the car, or in the trunk, not going to do anything at all.

If it doesn’t start under all those conditions, there is a slot in the dash on the left side, above the drivers knee where you can push the key fob into. Plug the key fob in, and then try to start the car.