Nissan Warranty

Today my daughter took delivery of a new Nissan.The dealer told her the use of synthetic oil would void the warranty and sold her a maintenance plan. Tomorrow my 750 BMW goes in for regular service under warranty. BMW uses synthetic oil. Who is right?

What does the owner’s manual say? If the factory doesn’t say anything about synthetic oil, she can use it without voiding the warranty. I’d ask the dealer to show her where it is stated in the owner’s information or a technical service bulletin that synthetic oil is forbidden. Whatever the source, it has to be on Nissan (factory) stationary.

The only one right here is the owner’s manual. Do what it says.

Second, I hope your daughter can take this as a learning experience. Don’t let the dealer scare or talk you into buying maintenance plans or extended warranties. They are designed to add money in the pockets of the dealer and the insurance company, not to save you money.

I would read the contract and maybe she can back out of that maintenance plan.

Note:  The only way she is required to use dealer maintenance is if the dealer provides it for free.  Other than that all you daughter would need to do is to have the maintenance listed in the owner's manual done.  

The dealer is the place for repairs covered under the new car warranty.  

Dealers on average are no better (or worse) than independent mechanics, but they do tend to be substantially more expensive.

How about a little more information? Year, model, and engine?