Repairs under warranty

If I buy a new or used car that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, can my regular mechanic do the repairs, if needed, and still have them covered by the manufacturer? The service departments are either poorly rated or inconvenient to travel to for the cars I am looking to buy.

You can ask the insurance provider, but I doubt if it will work that way. Good Luck

You can have an independent do any maintenance or service the car may need and warranty will still cover it with the following caveat.

That would be if a part or unit failed due to use of the wrong part, wrong fluid, wrong repair procedure, etc by the regular mechanic. In a case like this warranty will not and should not cover any of it.

If the transmission were to fail because the regular guy used the wrong fluid for instance, then warranty will not cover this.
This should not void the entire warranty; only the part or unit that was affected by the regular mechanic.

In a word - No!

Manufacturer’s warranties are administered by a third party. In the case of cars, that’s an authorized dealer. Dealers have direct connections to the manufacturers and this allows them to charge the parts and labor back to the manufacturer. Independent mechanics do not have this connection.

But if you are thinking that you would pay the independent mechanic for the parts and labor, then get the manufacturer to reimburse you - it doesn’t work that way. The manufacturer will only reimburse auithorized dealers for the work. That way the manufacturer has some control - by virtue of the franchise agreement - over the practices of the dealer. Far from a perfect system, but it is what it is.

Are you asking if your regular mechanic can do the Warranty repairs???

If you are…the answer is NO. It’ll have to be done by the manufacturer’s dealership.

Thank you.

Thank you for your thorough reply. It clarified what would be possible.

Thank you for your detailed response. It clarified the issues for me.

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