Nissan Titan starting issues

I am looking for a little advice regarding my 2010 Nissan Titan.

Here is the back story

I began having issues with it turning over and not starting from time to time. I needed to change the battery and ironically it started fine for about 2 weeks then the problem came back. Finally it happened more and took me sometimes it took me a while to start it. Then nothing.

I towed it to a electrical auto place which they traced it to the ECU. So I sent it off to be refurbished which they told me it couldnt be repaired so the to another refurb, programmed it and I got it back today. I tried for about 10min and nothing. Then is started yet sounded sluggish for about 3 seconds. Turned it off again and it didnt work. Got it started and let it run for a while so that part is fine so I am assuming that issue is fixed.

So here is the new issue that I question. Before this happened it turned over quick but when I got it back from the electric place when it turns over it had a deeper tone that different. Now when it starts it takes a 1-2 seconds over turning over to start.

For anyone that knows can you suggest a list of easy inexpensive things I can throw at it? While is seems “OK” something is still off.

Did you try cleaning up the connections on the starter end ?

Sounds like the battery is a bit drained. If you drive this truck every day, I’d suspect you have a parasitic drain. Aftermarket radios, subs, alarms or remote starters as junk and will partially fail by pulling too much current from the battery even when off. If you have any of those, unhook or pull the fuse for each of them for a few days and see if this improves.