2005 Nissan Titan won't start; battery, alternator, starter OK

I have a 2005 Nissan Titan XE 4WD crew cab with 110K miles. I replaced the battery in three months ago. Four times within the last month, the truck has failed to start. The first time, it had been sitting idle for 36 hours in my driveway. When I tried to start it, it was completely dead: no indicator lights on the dash, no alarm for the door being open, and the truck wouldn’t crank at all. I jumped it with my other vehicle and drove to work. I then left the truck at the airport for 6 days when the high temperature was mid-40s and the low was single digits. It started right up when I got back. I left the truck idle in my driveway for 12 hours: didn’t start. Four more days at the airport when the high was mid-20s and the low was below zero: started right up with no problem. Idle at my office parking lot for 11 hours and in my driveway for 12 hours: didn’t start either time.

I took it to the local Nissan dealer and service center after it didn’t start the first two times. The battery was fine, the alternator was fine, and the starter was fine. Their only guess was that I left something on. I figured that the first that could have been a possibility, but a doubtful one. Since the first time, I know that I definitely have not left anything on. They said they have not seen anything like this before. I checked with another dealer, and they have not seen this problem before either.

I am wondering whether anyone has an idea for what the problem could be. The symptoms seem to be consistent with leaving something on and draining the battery, but nothing is on. Is there possibly a short somewhere? How do I check for one?

I saw someone else on the forum was having similar problems with a 2003 or 2004 Nissan Pathfinder. My issue is very similar to his problem, except that my radio doesn’t stop working prior to the truck not starting.

Something of note: the first two times when I tried to start it, there were no lights on the dash that were on. The third and fourth times, the airbag indicator lights came on (the one on the dash and the one by the AC controls that shows whether the passenger airbag is on), but no other lights were on and the truck wouldn’t crank.

I appreciate any help or ideas. Thanks.

It could be a bad connection from the battery or the battery is being drained by something when left too long.
Perhaps try disconnecting the battery when you park it for a longer period and see if it then consistently restarts. If so, something is likely draining your battery.

Have you checked the battery terminals for signs of corrosion? Try taking a toothbrush and gently scrubbing the battery terminals off a little bit and see if that helps.