Nissan Tiida Knoc

I own a 2007 Tiida and after 3 years, whenever I slow down (less than about 15 mph) and step on the brake, the rear left wheel will go “dong-dong-dong-…” knocking sound. Sent to dealer 7 times in total, they changed the brake, “bored” the brake or something along that line, it would go away for Day 1 or 2, then the knocking will come back.

You need the specialists in a brake repair shop. It could be caused by several things. If there are brake shoes on the back, the brake springs are recommended to be changed at each brake change.

By the way, the frequency of the knocking is proportional to the speed of the car (longer phase between the knocks when slower).
Should this be under the warranty? That’s why I bring it back to the dealer, but they are of no help so far.

Thanks for the response, but I am kind of in a catch; if I bring it to 3rd party repair it may void my warranty. I guess I will speak to the mechanics in the dealership to see if they understand about the brake spring changing.