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Brake Noise on Nissan Sentra Year 2000 model


I have Nissan Sentra GXE year 2000 model and it has 143K miles on it. I get a hammering noise on the front passenger side wheel when I apply brake. I did replace caliper, brake master cylinder, rotors, brake pads and brake shims but no luck. The noise is like “ta ta ta ta…” and it gets louder based on speed of car. Brake pads and rotors been replaced 3 times in last 2 years to get rid of noise and been seen by 4 mechanics so far no one could find the exact problem. I also took the car to Nissan dealership they also recommend changing brake pad and rotors which I already did thrice. Can anybody suggest what could be the real problem as I have already spend enough on this problem and dont want to spend any more until real problem is found. Please advice.


Do you have ABS? If so, the wheel speed sensor or the ring may be in need of cleaning or replacing. If the ABS system is not detecting the wheel spinning it’l trigger a pulsing of that wheel.

I dont have ABS in this car

Are you certain it’s coming from the front? The last time I heard a noise like this it was a cracked rear drum.

Jack up the right side front and rear, one at a time and on jackstands, put the trans in neutral, and have a friend lightly apply the brakes while you turn the wheel by hand. You should feel the problem corner. NOTE: I said “one at a time” because one jackstand under the car is more stable than two. Use your judgement based on what equipment you have. Err on the side of safety.

sure its from right front. One of my friend works in a lube he twice jack up the car removed the brake pad and tighten them later I did not hear that sound for a week or so and started again.

On Sunday my friend jack up the car and asked me to put the shift in drive then I started hearing the rubbing sound he opened the right front wheel and it was not from there and he said its coming from transmission. All this time these repair shops without diagnosing the problem just assume its from wheel and kept replacing rotor and brake pad.

What could cause noise from transmission like this “ta ta ta”? How much it cost to fix the problem? Please advice.