NIssan Service - Are they crooked?

I took my 2008 Titan in yesterday to have the blower motor resistor replaced. I noticed when the service rep got in my truck (with the engine running while in park) he turned the steering wheel all the way to right with quite of bit of force it seemed. Being in a hurry to get to work, I did not say anything at the time, but I did think it was odd that he did that.

I got a call about 2 hours later and they said in addition to the resistor that needed to be replaced, I also had a leak on the metal pressure hose for the power steering fluid which would cost around $450 to repair. I did not notice any leaks prior to this on my drive way or anything.

My question is: Do you think this guy turned my steering wheel while in park to cause this leak to happen on purpose so they could gouge me for more money or is this just part of general maintenance wear and tear? Oh, the truck has 56,800 miles on it, by the way.

I appreciate any feedback.



I don’t think that would cause it to leak. You can turn it stop to stop to bleed the power steering pump. Is it great for it, not really. Will it do significant damage no.

That wouldn’t cause the leak.

The reason power steering was created for vehicles is, it makes it easier to turn the steering wheel while the vehicle isn’t moving.


+1 to the preceding comments.
The service department at that Nissan dealership may well be “crooked”, but what the OP observed is not something that would prove his belief.

I would want to see that leak for myself.

It would only cause a leak if the hose was ready to pop anyway. That’s a very real possibility.

I would have to see it w/my own eyes,after it was clean and dried w/brake clean.Then I’d take it away saying I couldn’t afford it at this time and replace it myself(or tighten the fitting).If it was replaced under warranty they did you a favor.

"If it was replaced under warranty they did you a favor. "

On a 6-7 year old vehicle?

I wonder if the service rep was just that observant that he heard the poser stearing when the OP drove up.
I once pulled into a dealer while I was vacation, needing a U-joint. As soon as I walked in the door he said “dound like you have a U-Joint about to give up”.

Some people are just more observant than others.


there is a reason that they aren t called Datsun anymore…

I think the attendant was just trying to steer the car to where it needed to go and since it wasn’t his car, he was willing to turn the steering wheel to the limit without concern for any adverse effects that might have. Doing so shouldn’t damage anything if everything is already ok, but if the hose is weak anyway, it might can the hose to spring a leak. In which case you needed a new hose anyway. It is pretty common for power steering hoses to leak at the connector. Sometimes these leaks are really minor and repairs can be postponed as long as you are not losing much power steering fluid. How often do you have to top off the power steering fluid?