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Nissan Sentra won’t start after CD player mishap

The weirdest thing happened this morning while we were trying to get on the road for thanksgiving. We got in my 2008 Nissan Sentra, started it just fine, and tired to put a cd in the player. The CD player didn’t grab the cd like normal and it got stuck about halfway in. I turned off the car and went inside to grab some tweezers to get the cd back out. Once the cd was out, the car wouldn’t start. No clicking noise or any sound at all when I turned the key. Did I short out the starter somehow?

if battery is dead such as shorted wiring than you have no dash lights? can you move shifter from park to neutral or D while using brake? i think the shifter interlock needs power to work. friend left lights on at work and we could not get car into neutral to move it out of tight parking spot to jump it and the manual shift interlock release would not work

Try jump starting it. That might get you to dinner today. You can get it jumped to get home, if necessary. How old I suppose the battery? If it’s over 4 years old, the battery may need to be replaced.

its only been 1 day. maybe the OP has a 2nd car? i assume they somehow made it to grandmas house and all is well. maybe someday they will report back

I think the CD is a symptom and not the problem. The battery may have been dying and the CD was an unfortunate bystander.

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