Nissan Sentra Check Engine Code P1138

The “Check Engine Soon” idiot light in my 2005 Sentra SE 1.8 has been going on and off every week or two. When it was on recently, the mechanic found code P1138, reset the light, and told me that he didn’t know what it meant. I have found that it has something to do with a “swirl valve”. Do I need to worry about it?

These parts in the intake manifold of Nissans have been very problematic.
As a result, Nissan has extended the warranty for this part on some models.
You should go to the dealership service department and have them enter your VIN into their system to see if you are covered for this fairly common defect.

Sometimes a dealership can be less costly than an indy mechanic, and if your Sentra is one of the ones that is covered for free repair, that would be an excellent example of this phenomenon.

Thanks. I’ll give the dealer a call. Somehow, I doubt that the warranty has been extended to 97,000 miles.