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Nissan Rogue CVT and Braking

Thanks in advance for your insight! I bought a 2010 Nissan Rogue just 3 weeks ago and love it. But yesterday, I had to make a hard and fast brake stop to avoid being hit by another car. When all was clear and I went to step on the gas, the car acted like it didn’t want to go and/or it was ‘frozen.’ Can anyone tell me if this is normal for a CVT?

I don't believe it is "normal" but it may not be serious.   Has a CEL come on?  

There are a lot of people here  and between all of us, we have a wide range of knowledge.  Keep watching replies.

No, that is absolutely not normal for any vehicle, whether it has a CVT or not.
However, you have not told us whether you are texting from a still-immobile vehicle, or if the car recovered from its refusal to move.

So–how about some more details, such as:

Was the engine revving while the car was immobile?
If the engine was revving, what was the reading on the tachometer?
Were there any warning lights lit up on the dashboard, and if so–which ones?
If there were any warning lights lit up, did they later turn themselves off?
If the car did recover from this “spell”–how long did it take before you were able to get it moving again?
Is the car now operating normally?

Since the car is under multiple warranties, I would suggest referring this possible problem to the dealership.

Relax, it’s just a guy who’s never had a CVT before and doesn’t want to make a fuss at the dealership if it’s normal.

Possum, it’s not normal. The transmission has a separate computer, so it might have an error code stored in it that the dealership can read, and the problem might be as easy to fix as reprogramming the computer. But it’s also possible that they won’t find anything wrong unless you can reproduce the problem on demand during a test drive with the mechanic. Good luck.

Thanks, all. And sorry about the lack of detail, VDC. Strong Dreams summed it up - Just wanted to know if it was normal before I took it to the dealer. I was driving along at about 30 mph (might have been accelerating slightly) when a car in the left lane decided to turn into a parking lot to my right, right beside and slightly in front of me. She barely missed hitting me, and I saw her just in time so I slammed on the brakes hard. I had to put my car in reverse to let her make her turn, so that I could proceed. When I put the car back into drive, it was slow and acted sticky. I checked to see if my emergency brake was on (that’s how it was acting), but it wasn’t. No error messages or warning lights, and I was able to slowly accelerate back to a normal speed. This all happened yesterday afternoon and the car is driving just fine today. It was just that minute or so of it acting “funny” right when I tried to start driving away from the scene of the near miss.