2010 Nissan Rogue - It goes korrrrrrrroooooooooo

i have nissan rogue , it stops suddenly and make noise korrrrrrrroooooooooo

we would need more info to answer this but…
My Chrystal ball says… have the brakes checked they may be locking up

Do you mean the vehicle comes to an abrupt stop for no reason? Or that the engine stops running all of a sudden for no reason, and the vehicle coasts to a stop?

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Your Koala wants out…

WAG: failed CVT.

I’m guessing it’s because it’s a Nissan Rogue. But I’m bias, I just never did like them.

The OP needs to clarify exactly what “stops suddenly” means, and also needs to tell us where the noise seems to be emanating from.

Full moon=wererogue.

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Naaaah, December is the Cold Moon. Next month it’s the Wolf Moon. AHHHOOOOOH!!!

Wrong sound, they are looking for