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Nissan pathfinder leaking anitfreeze

what can i do to fix the antifreeze leak on my Pathfinder? It has about 150,000 miles on it. I have noticed it leaving a large puddle underneath. Also somehow the overflow lid is now gone. I temporarily "fixed"it with aluminum foil and electrical tape. The overflow is losing fluid too. I filled it up last night and tonight it is halfway between max and min. There was also a screw loose underneath the car and i tightened it up, but it is still leaking. I don’t have any extra $ to spend on fixing it. Any suggestions??? Thanks

It sounds like the cooling system is getting over-pressurized. This happens due to overheating or due to a head gasket leak letting combustion gases into the cooling system. Take the cap off the radiator and fill the radiator and reservoir with coolant. Leave the cap off, and start the truck. Look in the radiator, and if you see air bubbles streaming out consistently as the engine runs, you may have a blown head gasket. Check the oil to see if it looks like coffee with cream in it. This means coolant is mixing with oil, and you have a coolant leak internal to the engine.