Nissan or Toyota?


I’m looking to purchase either a Nissan Frontier 4x4 or a Toyota Tacoma 4x4. Which do you think is a better overall rig for comfort, durability and longevity???


Whose corporate logo do you like the most? They both make a pretty decent little truck. The Taco probably has a bigger aftermarket, if you’re in to that sort of thing, but I have been acquainted with both and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of difference between the two.


I pretty much second everything mr josh said, and will only add that comfort is a very personal sort of thing. Sit in and test drive both for as long as you can to get a real feel for comfort. Other than that, toss a coin.


I agree with the others. Both are good choices. Test 'em both and get the one you like best.


Nissan and toyota quality used be about equal. Times have changed and the Nissan alliance with the French Renault has not done much for quality. At one time the Nissan Patfinder SUV was the most reliable SUV, lightyears better than early Ford explorers. At this time I would go for a Toyota. Both will have long lives, but the assembly quality and some of the auxiliary equipment will be inferior on the Nissan.


I think that Renault has been good for Nissan. Nissan was in serious financial trouble before Renault came along. The financial difficulties led to poorer reliability; they are on the rebound now.

My cousin loves her Nissan Frontier. I rode in both the front and back seats (crew cab) and it is comfortable and quiet. She is especially pleased with the Utilitrak cargo system.


The longevity/durability is equal. Since 1999 both Toyota Tacoma & Nissan Frontier have above average reliability according consumer reports. Don’t worry there.

Just decide what you like for comfort as that is much more personal.


Ford Expedition has a great ride. Test drive it too.


Go to Consumer Report website for the latest info on Toyota’s poor quality cars/trucks. Then decide.


Ford Expedition is a rolling house! It’s a whole different type of vehicle than a Tacoma or Frontier.


And what exactly is your recommendation? I’d like to compare its reliability record in CR with Toyta’s.


The “poor quality” is based on new model year(2007) Tundra 4wd and (2007)Camry V6 and Lexus certain model new also. The rest are average to well above average which is really good. Camry 4 cylinder did slip to average but still thats really good.

The big deal in Consumer Reports is rarely if ever had they had any troublesome models. The “trouble” does not signify long term either but does not bode well either. The big surprise was Ford has quite a few above average models in their mix.

I am not a Toyota defender but you need to look at the data before coming to conclusion so quick based on a few models.


OK. The Toyota. I guess for two out of three but the seat and the floor are too close together. Awfully high floor. That rolling house (expedition) might be worth it until the gasoline prices go higher. I know it has the comfort.