Nissan Note 2016 , Taking off external door handles

Hi I recently brought a 2016 Nissan Note and there’s dozens of deep scratches under the outside door handles, I want to remove them and fix that. The screw holding the door handle in from the side won’t budge and I understand I need to disengage the lock using the the levers inside the door. I have the inside panel’s off but I cant see the levers properly and don’t know exactly what to do. Does anyone have advice or experience regarding this issue?


Thanks I did see that video, the levers seem very different to mine.

Personally I would deal with it and not worry about removing the door handles.

Why go to the trouble? Get a stool, a microfiber cloth, your finger, some polishing compound and get to work. You ight need an old toothbrush to clean the excess polish out of the cracks.

Far more hassle to remove the handle and maybe break something.