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Nissan Murano 2003 CVT Issues

Nissan has so many issues with this transmission that they doubled the warranty to 10 years/120k miles.

I will reach both in the spring of 2013. So far I have not had problems (other than some starts that are not as smooth as expected if you accelerate too fast from a stop sign - which have been there since day one).

I really want to keep this car for several more years and my mechanic says it should easily go many more miles - except if this issue with the transmission occurs. How can I find out what percentage to 2003 cars experience this so I can determine my odds. Or better yet - how can I figure out if it is beginning to happen so I can get it done within the extended warranty period - rather than a day after.


I don’t think there is any way on Earth to determine how long the transmission will last. You might consider having the transmission fluid serviced with the proper fluid and this can go a long way towards preventing transmission problems.

Any automatic transmission should be serviced at about 30k miles intervals and if the car were mine I would probably service the transmission and not even worry about it.

I would just change the fluid every 30k miles and cross my fingers.
Be sure the right fluid is used!

The correct CVT fluid is expensive but a transmission overhaul is more.

You’re already on the right track to having it last long by being aware and paying attention. Regular servicing per the manufacturer’s recommendations and paying attention to any changes in performance are all you need to or can do from here.

I don’te believe there’s suffficient data out there right now to make any long term projections. If youu’re happpy with the vehicle, than just enjoy it, maintain it, and relax. If it begins to have a problem, it’ll let you know. It’ll probbably outlast the car.

Warranty never pays for pre-emtive replacement or repair.
Warrant only pay to repair or replace an actual malfunction or breakdown.

To go along with Mr. Green’s comment about doing warranty work based on perception, I’ve seen a number of people enter a dealership right before the warranty expires and ask that the entire car be gone over from stem to stern; replacing anything questionable or that might fail at some point in the future and all done under warranty.

That will never happen and even the inspection itself is not going to be paid for under warranty, The car owner would be billed and that often opens up a can of worms.