Nissan Maxima GE, 2000 model starting problem

My car gives trouble while starting in the morning. The engine starts and falls down… this happens for atleast 10 times, until the engine is heated and then it works perfect… anyone has answer for this…

I don’t know what is wrong, but if the plugs and wires are of unknown age or condition, I would suggest starting by replacing them. You might do the oil an oil filter and fuel filter at the same time. All these should be done on a regular schedule and they can cause any number of problems if not done.

The problem might be with a defective coolant temp sensor.

This sensor tells the computer the temperature of the coolant. Based on this information, the computer makes adjustments to the fuel mixture. If the coolant temp is cold, the computer enrichens the fuel mixture when the engine is started cold. If the coolant temp is warm or hot, the computer leans out the fuel mixture when the engine is started.

If the coolant temp sensor is defective where it’s telling the computer the coolant is warm or hot, and you start the cold engine, the fuel mixture will be too lean for this starting condition. And this will cause the engine to stall.