Car stalls in cold weather after starting

Lately, I’ve noticed that my car starts fine in cold weather. But, once I put the car into drive or reverse, it stalls.

Also, once I start the car let my foot on gas for few min, and then put into drive or reverse, it drives fine.

Things like that happen just because the car isn’t running quite right for some reason - and there are lots of reasons. So your post doesn’t contain enough information for anyone to even begin to think about it.

What year is the car? How many miles? Is there a check engine light on? What is the condition of basic maintenance items - spark plugs, wires, fuel & air filters? Is the temperature gauge behaving normally? Has it been to a mechanic for this or anything recently? If so has anything been checked, tried, etc.

2000 Nissan Maxima/115000. No Check Engine Light.

In last couple of years, the car may not have gone through the maintenance of spark plug/wire change. However, I’ve doing regular oil changes.

The temperature is behaving normally. Once the car starts, within few min (may 5-10 min) of car running, the temperature gauge goes from below the cold mark, to between “C” and “H”. I’ve changed the Battery and Alternator very recently.

The cold temperatures I’m talking about is about 30-40 F.

After you check for the basic problem areas, plugs and so far, please read the attached TSB, let us know if this apply to your car.
Thank you.


I could not open the attachment. It says “404 - Page Not Found”.