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Nissan Maxima intermittent starting problems

1995 Maxima, automatic, 6 cylinder. Engine turns but sometimes won’t start - esp. when cold. When it does start it stalls after a short drive half way round the block and then it won’t restart. Mechanic has had it for 2 two weeks, replaced throtle assembly, but no change. They think it is electrical or a sensor problem. Any ideas? Do I need a new mechanic - I’m in Atlanta area.



I’d want someone to test the coolant temperature sensor.

What was the reason for replacing the throttle assembly? Was there something wrong with it, or are we throwing parts at a problem, hoping something will work?

How many miles on this car?

Thanks. I’ll ask if they checked that sensor.

I believe they initially thought it was not getting enough fuel so they replaced assembly, but since that didn’t help that does not seem to be the problem.

It has 225,000 mi.

At 225K miles there are a LOT of possibilities. I like to start with the simple things. They should be able to test each component to see if it’s still operating within its normal range.

Did they test the fuel pressure?

Right now, you don’t have a mechanic…not really. If you ask around, someone may know of a mechanic. A mechanic is someone who knows how to test a guess, not be stuck with it.