Nissan Maxima 1997 - Emergency brake does not release on one of rear wheels



My daughter is driving my old 1997 Maxima - 200K+ miles. What a great car!

She would always apply the emergency brake after parking the car. Intermittently, when got back into the car to go somwhere else the driver’s side rear brake would be locked. The first time it happened she drove it untill it overheated the brake and caught fire. Repairs where made to the brakes on that wheel.

It happened again, but she recognized the drag on the car, stopped applied and released the emergency brake again and it released.

She has not applied the emergency brake since.

Any suggestions for what is causing the lock-up?

Thanks in advance…


I’m going to guess rust is part of the problem. Maybe the cable, and maybe the brake mechanism itself. Either way, a mechanic should be able to fix it so the parking brake releases properly.