Nissan Frontier Losing Electrical Power



The truck is a 2001 Nissan Frontier 5Sp. I had to drive into Boston to pick someone up at the airport, when about 40 minutes into the drive my radio cuts out, then my airbag light came on, ABS light came on, and eventually all of the gauges started going crazy. No heat would blow, windshield wipers were very slow, and it started to feel like I was losing some engine RPMs as well. Still I was able to make it all of the way to the airport (somehow), and when I stopped at the cell phone lot, the car was acting fine. I let it idle for a while, then shut it off and waited. The car started back up, but gave me the same problems on the way home (driving with no headlights through a storm seemed to let the car behave better, but was not very good on my sanity). Now, the truck will not start without a jump. I have noticed a burning rubber smell coming from the engine compartment, I assume from the belts. Other than that, nothing else out of the ordinary that I can tell(at least for my truck!). Is there anything I could check before taking it to the shop? Is the belt slipping too much and not transferring enough power to the alternator? Dead (bad) battery?