Nissan Frontier 2000 clang/clunk sound

Every day I make a u-turn around the median in order to get to our driveway…which means I turn the steering wheel all the way to the left. As I turn the wheel and drive, there is a clannnngKK sound on the driver’s side from somewhere near the front. I wondered if there is something getting hung up/caught “under there” but have no real working knowledge (obviously) of my truck’s anatomy. It only makes this noise when I make this u turn. I’ve not heard it any other time. Anyone out there have thoughts on this?

I believe that the front drive axles on your vehicle utilizes U-joints.

Crawl under the front of the vehicle and grab the front drive axles and try wiggling them to see if there’s any play. If there is, what you’re problably hearing is a worn U-joint.