Nissan from Chicago dislikes how his girl shifts into park after stopping car

In my CR-V, if I do like Nissan’s girlfriend and turn off the ignition before shifting into park, the door does not automatically unlock and I have to press the unlock button. Shifting into park first and THEN turning off the ignition automatically unlocks the driver’s side door. There may be some way to program a different behavior but that’s the way it came from the factory and I’m happy with it.

One way to convince someone like that is to change their perception of where the opinion is coming from.
As long as she thinks it’s just his personal feeling on the subject she’ll do as she pleases.
But he should simply blame it on the car’s ‘dumb’ computer.
“y’know these car computers are pretty dumb, they only understand one method…here’s how THEY want it done.”

Many cars can be reprogrammed to lock unlock at different times. Check the manual. Most important, is that you apply parking brake before you place into park, to “save” the transmission parking pawl.

Often these types of Body Control Module reprogramming protocols can be best found at model-specific websites. Perhaps there’s a CR-V enthusiast site out there.

Via an enthusiast site for my car I managed to worm my way into the Toyota site that contains all the Scion exploded-view assembly drawings, diagnostic and repair procedures, TSB’s, specification documents, and even the official owner’s documents. It also includes all the “initialization” protocols and reprogramming protocols. It includes such design documentation as the “crush paths” in the event of an accident and information on body panels containing special steels to manage energy absorption. As with all design packages, everything is organized in “trees” with tables of contents at every level. I found the path by looking at the address from which a respondant in a forum thread had accessed an assembly drawing. I went directly to the address, and it was like falling into a pot of gold.