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Nissan first to place QR codes on window stickers ahead of 2013 mandate

QR = Quick Response

I almost posted what they say it shows on there, but that would mean it’d be most of the article, so that’s a no-no.

Basically, someone could be looking up pictures or dealer inventory of the car they scanned the code from rather than, you know, walk the lot themselves. And I can see some idiot looking up pictures of the car while standing next to the darned thing.

If you’re standing next to the car and can scan that stupid little box, you can just read the build sheet window sticker instead.

They are doing this for what purpose?


the company is probably using words like “hip” and “cool” and “trendy” to describe the idea. They should also be shot for using said words to describe the idea.

If you can’t look up the info at home before you head out to the dealership…

Well, you can save cars you like for later review, or a friend can scan it if they think you might like it. Earth-shaking? No, but not a bad idea. I’ve given up trying to understand how heavily the under-30 group is tied into everything like this.

Being a software engineer and LOVE new things like this…I think it’s pretty cool.

You can scan it and store it…then save later to download to laptop and compare with other vehicles you’ve scanned. This is a GREAT idea. One of the first apps I bought for my IPhone was a bar-code reader app. It’ll read the bar-code…and then do an internet search to find the cheapest price of this object on the internet. I’ve literally saved myself well over $1000 since I bought this app.