Nissan Altima Transmission

A week ago I had my transmission rebuilt and a new torque converter installed. Now when I go over 80 mph my car’s rmp is at 3000 or more. I took it back to the mechanic that did the work and he said this is normal for a rebuilt transmission and new torque converter. Does this sound correct?

I believe that virtually any 4 cylinder engine will register 3,000 RPM when the car is driven at 80 mph or above.

In fact, I believe that your tachometer probably registered 3,000 RPM under those same conditions previously. As to why you never noticed this before, I cannot say, but I believe that you are experiencing normal behavior from the engine.

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This is a 6 cylinder engine and before it only registered 2400 to 2600 rpm at 80 mph.

You should find out if he actually rebuilt YOUR transmission, or if he just installed a transmission that was rebuilt, but from a different Nissan product.

I am guessing that you received a different transmission, that has a different axle ratio, which is why your car is running at higher rpms now.

That, or the lockup functionality of the transmission is not operating, and that means he needs to fix that.