Nissan Altima Problem

ive got a nissan altima its got the KA24DE engine in it and when i give it gas then between 1.5 and 2K the engine gives off this whistling sound, similar to a turbo but more profound. ive asked around with the mates and they have no idea. can anyone help me

Check everything under the hood (bonnet) for any vacuum leaks. All hoses, air intake, manifold, etc…

The brothers, Tom and Ray, can make with the flippant responses; but, if another respondent does, it gets censored by the (Tom and Ray described) “web lackeys”. Technically, I agree with Roadrunner. Untechnically, I think you could do what the censors removed, which is: Remove the leprechaun from under the bonnet, take his penny whistle from him, and stuff him into the boot until he tells you where his pot of gold is.