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Nissan Altima 2002 engine 2.5 4 Cyl Ticking sound?

You guys rule. Here is my dilemma, I have an 02 Nissan Altima. And I may have an oil leak. On Top of that my engine ticks. I have cruddy credit. And I need to either sell this car or trade it in. Advice?

Thanks guys

Why do you need to sell or trade the car? Oil leaks can be fixed, and there may be a simple solution for the ticking.

As usual I agree with McP. Have you had anyone look at the car yet? It’s almost always far cheaper to fix it than to get a new one…especially with bad credit!

Besides, your complaints sound minor to me. Is there anything you left out?

Please describe the tick. When does it happen? Does it get louder when you drive it? Louder upon start-up? Rocketman

This troubleshooting guide may be what you need: