Car won't start unless steering the wheel from side to side a few times (Nissan Altima 2003)

Hi All,

I am having a problem with my vehicle (Nissan Altima 2003) in which the car won’t start unless I steer the wheel from side to side a few times. When it does not start, it makes some kind of grinding sound. Sometimes it starts with no problem at all. Sometimes I need to steer the wheel just a little bit and in some rare occasions for a while and keep trying. I was searching over the internet and came across some info that it may be the ignition switch that need to be replaced. Anyone out there who may have an opinion or have had this problem as well?


Worn out key = Try a new key
Worn ignition switch= get it tested
Bad connection or worn wire in steering column


Sounds like you need to have the starter removed and the meshing gears inspected for wear.

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Thanks, I think I’m gonna check the starter and depending on that I will then proceed with checking the switch and key (which is what I have been thinking may be the problem - particularly the switch). \m/