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Nissan altima crank sensor

Hey :slight_smile:

I absolutely love your show. That is the only reason I wake up that early on Saturdays. Yeah yeah!! You will laugh at this but I?m not kidding.

So, I live in Chicago and I have recently acquired the title of family mechanic. I fix my own 1998 Sentra and my father?s 2002 altima. I learned how to do the basic maintenance such as breaks (I know scarry - I don?t have an automotive tech certificate) oil, sensors etc. I recently had to change the cam an the crank positioning sensor as Nissan recommends that both be done at the same time. It?s the same sensor basically however, one is located in the front of the engine while the other is no where to be found. I have scraped my arms up to my elbows digging around for it while looking at inaccurate diagrams.

Please help. Do I have to get underneath it? Do you have a good source for diagrams? How about step by step instructions?

Thank You


chicago artist/tinkerer

Unless the check engine light is on due to a failure of one of the sensors I don’t see why you need to change them out. Normally those sensors aren’t replaced unless they fail. I would suspect the sensor up front may be the cam sensor and if so the crank sensor may be at the rear of the engine near the flywheel.

The best info you can get for working on the car is a factory service manual. It will show details that no other manual will have. You should really consider purchasing one if you are going to work on the car yourself. Check out Ebay for some good prices on them. The Autozone website has some limited service info you may be able use also.

Here’s a write up for the '06 Altima with the 2.5 4 cylinder engine.
You didn’t mention if you have the 4cyl or the V-6, but I’m going to make the wild assumption that you meant to say 4 cylinder: