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Nissan altima 2001 will not start

The starter cranks, fired a couple of time but will not start. Mechanic blames the key interlock … Apparently the key contains a microchip that blocks starting… Does this sound right ?

If you get a key made without a chip,all you can do is open the door. Without the chip the computer will go into a theft mode and not start at all. I’m not sure, but I think it takes a dealer to clear the theft mode.

You say it “fired a couple of times” .If that were true, then it couldn’t be the chip…without the chip it would not fire at all

Did the merchanic check the following

Fuel pressure (key on engine off)

Check for spark.

What tests did he perform??? How many miles and what engine do you have would help us a lot.
When was the last time this car got new plugs and a fuel filter???

You’ll have to give everybody here more info…the car is not in front of us!!!


I agree. It’s not the chip. Talk to a different mechanic.

Fired but did not start . . . sounds like a possible “unauthorized starting attempt”

In the case of an unauthorized starting attempt, or a bad key, the PCM will cut the fuel. Therefore, it seems like the car started for a microsecond.

Try another original Nissan key first

You do have 2 keys, yes?