Brake dust in 2011 Chevrolet Malibu


rre is a lot of brake dust on the rims on all four rims and the brakes sqeel


As far as the squeal your brakes need to be inspected immediately.
Have them inspected by an independent facility, ask friends and coworkers about their mechanics.
You may just need new brake pads, but might be more extensive. Only an inspection will reveal what is required.

But do this ASAP, the brakes are the most important safety feature on your car.

Brake dust on the wheels is normal, must be cleaned regularly or may damage the finish on your rim, but this is just cosmetic.

It is the type of brake pad that was put on the car. Use Ceramic brake pads, not metallic. Clean the wheels with specialty wheel cleaner.

Or the brake pads are completely worn out. Have the pads checked to make sure they don’t need to be replaced…

As mentioned above, unlikely to be related to the brake dust. Brake squeaking is often due to the pads that were installed. On some makes the best way to avoid squeaks is to buy the oem pads at a dealership. And to make sure all the shims and anti-squeal gadgets get installed. A good and experienced repair shop know will do that for you. It’s important that the rotor is verified to be serviceable too of course.

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I’ve just learned this lesson with my 2012 Altima: use the same type of material brake pads as OEM.

I’ve bought into a “ceramic pads hype” and YES, it made for substantially less dust, but my car started to make a terrible screaming noise every time I would brake lightly or moderately, any hard stop would be quiet. It took around 5K miles for the car to get to this state, initially they were quiet.

Upon replacing pads to semi-metallics (same as OEM), I’m good for around 20K miles already. Brake rotors and hardware are in good state, all friction surfaces were lubricated by proper high-temperature lube in both cases. The feel of the brakes using ceramics is different: ceramics performance was definitely above semi-metallics: they were grabbing faster, braking stronger with the same pedal pressure. I prefer OEM feel really, and it is no noise.

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