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Nissan 240sx

have a 1992 nissan 240sx; it shakes when i started the engine or when it idles or @ a complete stop. runs well on freeway & was able to drive home. mechanic thinks it’s probably cylinders not firing well over phone prognosis. it also sounds like there may be a leak. it stalled a few times & had to restart the car. no problems restarting. have not brought it in for diagnosis. any ideas how much this would cost to fix. had history where if a female walks into shops, treatment is different. thank you & help, please!

These are classic symptoms of a vacuum leak. A smoke test should be the quickest way to find it. With this age, all hoses and gaskets are all suspect.

As far as female customers, I asked my petit sister about it once. She’s been a victim of underhanded mechanics before. She says that their attitude changes quickly once they realize she understands the basics of auto repair and maintenance, and is willing to get second opinions. Then, they know they can’t snow her.

Maybe time for a can of seafoam or injector cleaner,could be fuel filter,but as BK said these 20 yr old rubber hoses are probaly cracked-Kevin (KA24E) engine?

It may be a leak, as elastomers do dry up and crack, however I’m wondering, how long has it been since the engine has seen new sparkplugs etc. (a tuneup)?