Newbie question about Lexus RC F/IS F/GS F engine oil pump


I was exploring Club Lexus and came across this picture right here.

I’m a newbie, so me seeing the oil pump like that sort of confused me. Now, I do know that cycloid pumps always have to have a housing… but in the image there appears to only be a cover. I know the pump rotor goes onto the housing area, so the front of the pump is housed by the timing chain cover. But this is what confuses me, why is this pump not housed completely like the other types I’ve seen (at least, thats what it’s showing in the picture)? Again, this is a newbie question, and it is only a simple diagram, so I might be getting confused over nothing. If someone could show a picture of the oil pump cover depth and crankshaft seal, it would be appreciated! :grinning:

I am not at all familiar with this engine, but from the diagram you show, the oil pump cover fits over the crankshaft and provides one side of the housing and the timing chain cover provides the other side of the housing.


Half of the “housing” is the timing cover the other half is clearly shown as oil pump cover.


I sort of figured that. Thank you for the help!