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Outback windshield

This has to do with the windshield of my new used outback, but the windshield is covered with some sort of mineral or goo or something that makes it harder to see through it, we have tried using multiple cleaning products and chemicals that are made for this purpose. My dad’s guess was the adhesive on the glass is the cause of the problem but I’m not sure what it could be. Has anyone else gotten this problem and what could I use to make my windshield more see through

Is this on the outside or the inside?

If it’s the inside, is the film slippery and do you notice a sweet smell in the cabin?

Likely the outgassing of the interior plastics have coated your windshield. This is a wild guess because you didn’t say which SIDE of your windshield has this problem or even the year of the car. Could be a leaking heater core as others have suggested but that would feel slimy and smell sweet.

I’ve had good luck with Bon Ami non-scratching scouring powder applied to a damp towel and then rubbed on the glass only. Let dry and wipe off with a damp cloth. Dry with a micro fiber towel. Use inside and outside.

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Good point lion9car. lion is thinking film is from leak in heater core depositing a film of coolant.
If on the outside, did you try BonAmi of Bar Keepers Friend? These are mildly abrasive but will not harm your glass.

By any chance, may the vehicle have been transported by truck recently? I had a neighbor who had this problem after she transported a vehicle. The Goo was diesel combustion products mixed with rainwater and she had a heck of a time. I have owned 4 Subarus and none of them had this issues, so I would be surprised if it was related to the brand. In case you find it helpful, here is a bit on best methods for keeping inside glass clean. Here is some info on removing hard water stains on the outside. It sounds like you have some kind of a more serious problem though.