New Tires

I hear a lot of talk among friends that certain tires are better for different passenger cars & now not sure what to believe! I have a 2008 Ford Fusion with 2. Litre engine & do a lot of Highway/ Interstate driving so I want a long lasting tire that will also tolerate the weather in the Northeast. ( Pennsylvania) Would appreciate any recommendations.

4 Door SE


Tire type depends more upon the use you 'll give the car than the make you drive. That you drive in the northeast and do a lot of highway driving and want a high mileage tire is more important then driving a Fusion as opposed to a Malibu for example. Your friends are disillusioned. I second Tire Rack for info.

“Touring” or “Touring/All-season”…Tire stores have run out of shelf-space trying to keep up with all the types and sizes of tires available…

Ideally, you would have 8 mounted tires so you can switch between summer and winter driving conditions. No single tire can cover all conditions well…You must sacrifice at one end or the other…

Look at the tire tests on Tire Rack. They will point you to some of the better choices.