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New tires

Just got 4 new Toyo tires on 03 Dodge Intrepid. Originals were Goodyears. With old tires car steered rock steady straight. Now it has just a very slight left drift. Should I have car aligned?

start with simple stuff… any wear on replaced tires indicating mis-alignment? Are all four tires same size? Are the wheels seated and lug nuts all tight?

Yes. You should always have the alignment checked when new tires are installed.

My guess is you are going to find that the tyres are not all properly inflated. One or both on the left may be under inflated (and/or the rights are over inflated.)

If that is not it, then go for the alignment.

Verify the tire pressure is proper and equal across all four tires.

Move the front tires left to right and see if that changes anything. If it now wants to pull a little to the right, one of the front tires is defective (the belt is not centered under the tread). If it steers fine now, drive on and forget about it. If you have never had the alignment checked, now is a good time…

Mechanic said no unusual wear indicated on old tires.