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Do you need an alignment when you buy new tires?

Is it required or nessasary to have an alignment done when you put new tires on?

No it is not required, if your old tires show signs of misalignment, inside or outside wearing faster it is highly recommended to maximize the life of your new tires. It in my book is a good time to have the alignment at least checked.

Thank you

why did you get new tires?

if the old ones were showing abnormal wear, then an alignment would be OK. BUT, you don’t definitely, for sure, must have, 'cause the salesman says so. an alignment.

on the other hand, how much did you spend on new rubber? might just well be worth having an alignment done to eliminate tire wear as a potential problem.

you should ALWAYS regularly rotate your tires, to minimize abnormal wear, and this helps remove the tire wear from the equation.

It’s good idea. Nothing wears out new tires faster than vehicle that is out of alignment.


Required? No.

Good idea? Yes, definitely.

Why spend good money on new tires and then have them wear out prematurely because the alignment is bad? Have the alignment checked when the new tires are installed.

Some cars hold alignment better than others. If the old tires showed even wear across the tread on all 4 wheels and there is no evidence of “cupping” then an alignment may not be necessary.

With numerous potholes hit per year an alignment is not a bad idea. If your last alignment was more than 2 years ago it is likely a good idea to get it done when you put on new tires.

An alignment is required whenever you replace front end suspension and steering parts. Some cars need 4 wheel alignments this includes AWD cars and those with independant rear suspension.

We’ve debated this before and don’t all agree. I’m of the belief that if the wear is smooth and even and the car rides and handles well alignment is unnecesary. Tire wear, ride and handling are, IMHO, the best indicators. They are, after all, the whole purpose for doing alignment.

Years ago I may have felt differently, but many tire shops now use “free alignmentt” as a tool to recommend unnecessary “revenue generating” work. If you feel you’d like to get the car aligned I’d recommend using an independent shop and paying for the service. At least that way you’ll know they’re not doing it to scam you out of money for unneeded work.

If you are not having abnormal tire wear, I would decline an alignment, especially from one of those quick lube discount tire chains. A lot of the help they hire actually manage to make the alignment worse. I would rather eyeball it and do it myself than have one of those places do it.

Good move. Decent shops charge a nominal fee for check at one tier and more if it needs adjustment.